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Table Top Poster Holder

table top



For all your important sales and information messages – Magnetic fix clear panel for quick and easy poster change.
  • Available in a range of sizes – portrait and landscape formats
  • Curved display

We can supply all your needs including artwork or work from your own

Code Display    Area(mm)   Weight(kg)
Trojan Tabletop A7 Portrait H105 x W74 0.25
Trojan Tabletop A6 Portrait H148 x W105 0.4
Trojan Tabletop A5 Portrait H210 x W148  0.6
Trojan Tabletop A4 Portrait H297 x W210   1.15
Trojan Tabletop A3 Portrait H420 x W297 2.5
Trojan Tabletop A6 Landscape H105 x W148 0.4
Trojan Tabletop A5 Landscape H148 x W210 0.6
Trojan Tabletop A4 Landscape H210 x W297 1.15 
Trojan Tabletop A3 Landscape H297 x W420 2.5


Carriage to Northern Scotland and Ireland - price on request.


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